Monday, September 07, 2009

Elephant Behavior

Gopalaswamy Betta presented an incredible opportunity for me to shoot this herd of elephants from the top of the hill. I've never seen such a sight before. Watching elephants from the top as if it's seen from an air balloon was really amazing perspective to get. To add to that I saw very interesting behavior from the mother elephant. If you see closely there are two calves suckling from the same mother. It's very rare for an elephant to have twins! I suspect that the other calf is slightly old (may be 3-6 months) & perhaps has lost its mother. The aunt elephant, which is now the matriarch, is taking care of the orphan calf. This social behavior depicts very clearly the caring nature of elephants.

Do share your thoughts if you've witnessed such a behavior before!


  1. Wow..that's interesting!! I have not seen two calves being taken care by a single mother. btw, why do you suspect that they are not twins. May be the rare event (elephant having twins) has occured in this case... ;)

  2. Well the picture is really a good take. Good to see the herd of elephants from a birds eye view.

    I dont think they are twins, size does matter LOL :)


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