Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ospreys in playful mood

Last weekend, we (myself & Rakesh along with our family ;) visited Milford, where Connecticut Audubon Society has set up a camera that captures the life cycle of the Osprey. Apparently Osprey visits this particular spot every year and nests at the exact same location. This year, Connecticut Audubon Society have setup the camera to capture everything about them to learn, understand about their behavior. We were fortunate to see them. The observing tower (with a telescope) is about 100 yards away from the nest and hence they're not disturbed by the presence of humans. More importantly anyone sitting at home can view (Click to view) what exactly those Ospreys are doing now. I saw the 3 young Ospreys playing around and learning to fly. It was really a treat to observe them in close quarters. I wish we do something similar back in our forests. How you wish to see the elusive tiger hunt during night (You obviously need an IR camera as well)!! If we but the thought itself is such exciting!

Here are some shots of those Ospreys playing and learning to fly. With my 400mm lens this is best I could manage. Probably with 600mm with 2x I could have done a better job of getting them really close. They would fly up and down for couple of seconds and come back again to the nest. Since I'd never seen a bird, literally learning to fly, it's an amazing experience, I must say.

Posting after long time!

It look long time for me to be back on my blogger. Myself and Raks went to a nearby beach along with our family for taking a look at ospreys who were busy learning flying!!! On the way we got to shoot these little beauties. These plovers are protected at Milford by the Milford Audubon Society.

These plover family was all around the beach. There was one plover that was still guarding her nest.