Sunday, December 31, 2006

Brahminy Kite with Fish - Chase by Crows

This particular brahminy kite was having its breakfast early in the morning.

Then came couple of crows attacking the Brahminy Kite and finally forcing it to leave the tree and sit on a different branch.

Even after that the crows followed it and finally Brahminy Kite had to drop the fish it had caught back to the lake.

It was really fascinating to watch the whole even unfold.

Parakeets lit up in the morning

Myself & Nagesh went to lalbagh yesterday and the birds were really active. This parakeet was feeding it young one when we first time saw it. I couldn't get a frame of the shot as it didn't feed it after we went. Not sure we we intruded into its territory, as there were plenty of joggers and walkers in lalbagh who pass by this particular tree and it's used to them. I guess we're unlucky.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Bhadra Riverscape

Bhadra JLR is one of the best JLRs that I've seen as the balcony of the resort faces the beautiful Bhadra river backwaters. This was shot in the early morning before the sunrise.

Jackal's day out

It was the day of the jackal. In early morning light, he gave us (me, Nanda, Kiran & Teju) plenty of opportunities to take shots. Here is one jackal's scape.

Crested Serpent Eagle

Bhadra WLS is a great place to shoot Crested Serpent Eagle. We had lots of sightings of it at Bhadra WLS. This was shot on the final morning before we left to Chickmaglur.

Jackal's stare!

This one didn't let us over take him for a good half an hour and we slowly followed him in the early morning. And because of the delay, we spotted a leopard while coming back to JLR. God's plan or I guess Jackal's plan!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Western Ghats at its best

We spent 5 days in Western Ghats travelling in Chickmaglur Dist. It's the place is just awesome. We were in River Tern Jungle Lodge for couple days and followed by 3 days at Chickmaglur. Here are some landscapes from the nature's bounty.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sunday morning at Hebbal Lake

Hebbal lake has always been very fruitful for photography! Due to large wetland it attracts lot of birds & birders as well. I was there before sunrise on sunday at 6.30am and I got couple of good shots of kingfisher and long tailed shrike.

Kodak moments from North Kanara

Following are some of my Kodak moments from my last week's trek to Hedigudda.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Vernal Hanging Parrot

Over the weekend Murthy invited me to visit his uncle's place near Bhatkal, North Kanara. I jumped on the opportunity and I'd a great time. Watch out for the complete report later. This trip belonged to Indian Lorikeet or Vernal Hanging Parrot. Here is one.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


While coming back from "thOTa" (farm) I shot this beautiful sunset.

Black rumped flameback

I couldn't shoot this one with great sharpness & should go as a missed opportunity. When I visit next time this month, I'll get this one in a much better position.

Bee Eater

This one came and sat very next to me. It totally oblivous to my presence as I sat motion less for more than 20 minutes and kept on shooting.


This hoopoe was sitting on a tree in the garden. After being in Bangalore, sighting a hoopoe is rarity here. However hoopoe wasn't uncommon at Maravanji.

Weekend at Maravanji!

We spent the last weekend at Maravanji, out grandmother's place, located about 200kms north of Bangalore in Chickmaglur dist. I got very good shots of Bee eater, Drongo Hoopoe.