Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Post processing differently

Rakesh commented on one of the other Kestrel images about the light. He said if the Kestrel was in front light, the effect could have been better!! I couldn't have agreed with him more. However I couldn't have changed the light at that time as I was positioned inside Manoj's scorpio and was fairly cramped too. Changing the position of the Scorpio meant loosing those crucial moments of Kestrel feeding.

However I thought about it and decided to post process the image differently. I've processed this image twice in different white balances one in day light and the other in slightly cooler color temperature. Since the Kestrel was getting good light I had to process it in day light white balance. The background was however was with a cooler WB. I've blended both the images to get a better frontal light and over all a much better effect that my earlier image. Let me know which one do you like.

Montagu Harriers

Spotting Montagu Harriers was a lifer last Sunday. The male is really more colorful. However it was too shy and wasn't comfortable to our presence. Hence we had to shoot from a distance.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A day with Birds of Prey

Hesaraghatta is teeming with Birds of Prey this winter. We'd a fantastic Sunday morning with Harriers, Black Shouldered Kites and Kestrels. Montagu Harrier was a lifer for me. The male Montagu Harrier is so beautiful! We sighted Pallid Harrier (female), both the Montagu Harriers and Kestrel. The Kestrel (Juvenile) was in great mood & gave us ample opportunity to shoot. It hovered in air & picked up a grasshopper and started feeding on it. Here are couple of shots from yesterday morning.