Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Post processing differently

Rakesh commented on one of the other Kestrel images about the light. He said if the Kestrel was in front light, the effect could have been better!! I couldn't have agreed with him more. However I couldn't have changed the light at that time as I was positioned inside Manoj's scorpio and was fairly cramped too. Changing the position of the Scorpio meant loosing those crucial moments of Kestrel feeding.

However I thought about it and decided to post process the image differently. I've processed this image twice in different white balances one in day light and the other in slightly cooler color temperature. Since the Kestrel was getting good light I had to process it in day light white balance. The background was however was with a cooler WB. I've blended both the images to get a better frontal light and over all a much better effect that my earlier image. Let me know which one do you like.

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  1. Your blog is fine. I just want to comment on the design. Its too loud. Its doing way too much and it takes away from what youve got to say --which I think is really important. I dont know if you didnt think that your words could hold everyones attention, but you were wrong.