Sunday, February 25, 2007

Paradise Fly catcher

There were 3 pairs of them close to the top of the Ramana betta near Ramnagar. I knew after clicking it's not a great image. However with PS-CS2 I could make it better.

Blue faced Malkoha

This one is really shy & I was lucky to get this shot. Though I'm not really happy with the image, considering that this one never shows up outside of the canopies, I'm okay with it.

Yellow Throated Bulbul

This one was a lifer for me as I was seeing it for the first time. YTB are very endemic and endangered species due to loss of habitat. I'll post few more images later of the same.

Postcards from Ramanagar

Myself, Ashwini Bhat & Santhosh drove to Ramanagar rocks & it had galore of surprises for me. We saw the first rays of sunlight falling this magnificent Long Billed Vulture. We waited for quite some time for it to fly & it didn't oblige! It reserved that for next week I guess!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Purple Sunbird

Another image Dandeli!

Malabar Grey hornbill

Before I write my article on how the hornbills were fighting for the nest with Myna, I thought I'd post this image of Malabar Grey hornbill anyway. This one was inspecting the nest and cleaning it so that his girl friend could come and rest! Btw an interesting piece of information is Hornbills are paired for life! How I wish homo sapiens could learn from the winged miracles!

Heart Spotted Woodpecker

This one is a lifer for me as I saw it for the first time in my life. That's how Dandeli is. In fact I saw and heard so many variety of birds that I'd never seen before. This image was shot in low lighting conditions. The image is cropped and saved by neat image!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pregnant Langur

This lady kept feeding on the bamboo flowers. After a close look she appeared to be pregnant.

Bee eater take off

While the safari in Dandeli couldn't throw up anything interesting, this one was the savior for me! I shot about 20 frames of the same fella to get this one. I must say, I've not done post processing properly. I'll repost this one once I re do it.

Black naped monarch

I was Dandeli for 3 days and it threw so many birds for me to shoot!! This place just rocks!! Here is Black naped monarch displaying it's feathers for a shot moment to me!