Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pea fowls

This time in Bandipur, every Safari drive that we took we encountered a Pea cock dancing & impressing his partner. There's a belief that when Peafowls dance, rain is in the air. And it turned out to be that way as we'd light drizzles on and off.

Post card from Bandipur

Last weekend we made a quick dash to Bandipur hoping to see Gauri & its four cubs. There's always an excitement before you go for any trip and more so in case of visit to any Wildlife sanctuaries. That child-like excitement is what drives many of us into the wild. And this trip didn't disappoint us, as the last safari we got to see a glimpse of a Leopard.For Rakesh/Prema/Praveer and the kids, this was their first sight of Leopard. Though we couldn't get a chance to photograph them, it still lightened up our mood.