Saturday, March 31, 2007

River tern goes fishing in TG Halli.

I drove early in the morning to TG Halli. Rakesh & Murthy accompanied me this time. In fact they were at my place at 5.40 & I was 5 min late to start. Though the road was painful to drive, the events after reaching the place made our day. All the winter birds are returning and hence the bird count seem to be less. I shot little ringed plover and few egrets and was about to return and suddenly I saw, in my binoculars, this river tern that was about to fish. By the time I put the binocs back & took out camera it had dived once unsuccessfully! The next time I was ready & I got couple of good shots of the same.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Yellow Throated Bulbul

Few weeks ago while I was sitting inside my hide observing this wonderful bird at Ramangar, it came very close and sat next to a small shrub. It was really fascinating to watch them!

Weekend at Bhadra

Spent a day at River Tern JLR near Lakkavalli. In this hot summer, this is really a cool place to be. Here is the post card from Bhadra!