Sunday, October 29, 2006

Brahminy Kite Stare!!

Yesterday I'd hte best opportunity to shot Brahminy Kite. I stopped my car & crawled about 10ft to reach a decent distance. I took couple of frames and moved further closer to the ditch so that I could get a closer view of this magnificent raptor, but it flew. I wasn't disappointed after I saw my 2 shots of the bird. Here they're for your viewing pleasure.

Friday, October 27, 2006


Myself, Nagesh & Nanda noticed this Brahminy Kite that was taking a walk! I was driving ofcourse and Nagesh shot this photo. Interesting perspective! Of course it's would have been great if it was facing us! Well, we can't control everything in Nature!

Brahminy Kite - Fight

We saw these Brahminy Kites fighting. I couldn't really make out if it was an actual fight or a mock fight since they didn't have anything to feed on.

Diwali weekend & Purple herons

It's great to be back in Bangalore & since winter is here. It's shooting time!! Myself & Nanda went couple of times to Kanakpura. We had very good lighting and here are couple of shots of Purple Heron & Grey Heron.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


I'm Detroit for a week attending the Convergence Conference. Raks had ordered his camera & lens through his sister in US & it came to Guru's house where I'm staying. I got a chance to test the equipment. And here is one maple leaf that I shot behind the apartment.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Little Egret

I missed the flight shots of this but here is the still shot of the same.

Cormorant in fishing mood!

I was shooting purple heron & suddenly this cormorant caught a fish & this was the best I could manage. If I was at my car, I could have had a better view & composition as well.

Purple Heron at Harohalli Lake

I couldn't post this one last week. The lighting was magical & this purple heron was playing all the while. We waited for quite sometime so see if we can get a flight shot, but this one didn't fly at all!!!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Pied Bush Chat @ Valley Schol

This one presented us quite a few poses before flying away.

Valley School on the day of the Bandh

After a stint in the morning to Bannerghatta NP, myself & Nanda drove to Valley school (off Kanakpura Road) in the afternoon & we had a pleasant evening with lighting being excellant. Though it was cloudy in Bangalore & it was sunny at Valley school.

Shrikes & Missed Opportunities!!!

One beautiful thing about going for L series lens is I'm getting lot of Opportunities to shoot birds in flight! So far I've had decent success with Herons & Egrets. And I've missed the Opportunities with the smaller birds. Here are couple of those missed Opportunities !!

Birds weren't on Bandh!

On the day of the Karnataka Bandh, we chose to drive behind the Bannerghatta National Park & we had good number of sightings.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Brahminy Kite - Juvenile

Unfortunately I couldn't get the sharp images of this Juvenile Brahminy Kite. But then they're available in plenty & I can practice my action shots again & again 'coz of going digital!

Few more!

When you have a new lens/body, all you do is just shoot! You become carefree! And here are some of those images when you shoot just for fun!

Indian Roller

Though I've seen many Indian Rollers I've never captured it properly due to lack of better equipments! Though this one is sitting on the electric wires, I like it 'coz it's my first good shot of the bird!

Herons off Kanakpura Road

Long weekend saw us visiting Harohalli lake couple of times. Thanks to very good lighting & Grey/Purple Herons I got some very good shots of them!