Sunday, March 20, 2011

Old ones from Bharathpur

It's been a while since I processed my older images. Perhaps caught up with too much work and I've not planned it well. Hopefully I'll be more regular now. Here are some of the shots from my visit to the one-n-only Keolodeo National Park at Bharathpur


  1. This last picture is awesome! Love your photography!

  2. The kingfisher's picture is extraordinare! Good shot

  3. Great photos and very interesting blog. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great column. You sound exactly like someone I'd love to know. Keep celebrating you. The world needs a lot more people just like you. Thanks for your honesty.
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  5. Hey Guys! We miss you all like crazy! It seems like forever since we have talked to you. Sorry we are so lame at keeping in touch. We have been so busy: all the little dudes are playing ball so we seem to have at least one game a night. We can't believe how big Henry has gotten! He is the cutest little munchkin ever! Good work you two! We need to talk soon and can't wait to see you guys! Much Love, Aaron and Andra