Sunday, August 01, 2010

Visit to Bannerghatta NP

Thanks to Dinesh & our own initiative from MindTree foundation, I got a chance to see all the areas (so called "core")of Bannerghatta NP today. We have plans of putting up D/N PTZ Cameras at about 50 watch towers inside the park. And I've got the onus to get the complete system up from the surveillance perspective. Ah, talk about passion & work coming together!! This certainly was an exciting day. Here are couple of shots from the visit. I'll post a detailed report soon.


  1. The second snap is just awesome! Now i am envious..:)
    Do they allow such exercise in Bannerghatta NP?!? Waiting for that detailed report and more snaps!

  2. Superb Goutham!, waiting for it!..

  3. You are simply great with that talent. Post more pictures...I so love them!

  4. Good read & great picture thanks for sharing. You are a wonderful blogger and a photographer as well.

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