Sunday, June 15, 2008

White Balance and Blending

One of the advantages of shooting in RAW is, it provides greater opportunities during post processing. RAW contains the whole image in a format that can be used to extract the right information that you want out of the image. Here is one such example.

I shot this image on a late evening in mid April at Kabini back waters. The final image that I that I've presented is what I'd visualized before clicking. Unfortunately the sensor can't capture all that we want yet. So to avoid that I processed the image at two different white balances (one at a cooler color temperature of 5500 and another at 7500). However when I started I wanted to retain the dramatic evening light on the elephant. This would mean that the background forest would also look little off color. Hence I blended the two images to get the desired effect on the image. Perhaps a light meter would have helped get the same effect. But light meter is little low on my wish list now.


  1. Hi Gautham,

    I do not know much about photography. But I come to check your website blog because it is very relaxing for me to be with nature.

    I wish you capture lot of these good ones.
    At least you are helping people to relax from their mundane life.

  2. Hi,
    I was just hopping through blogs.I found yours quite interesting,specially this post. I do not know anything about photography and to be honest i didn't understand your explanation either.:-)All i could figure out was that you have processed the image brilliantly.Outcome is just awesome.way to go Gautham:-)All the best!